TKActions V5 Quick Tip #6: Masking a Mask

Sean Bagshaw’s newest V5 Quick Tip reviews the “masking a mask” technique. Luminosity masks offer unique ways to make targeted and easily blended tonal changes in the image, but they select tones throughout the image, not specific elements. This can sometimes lead to adjustments affecting parts of the image where a change is not desired. For example, when adjusting tones in the sky through a luminosity layer mask, similar tones in the non-sky parts of the image can be unintentionally altered. While it would be possible to paint black on the luminosity layer mask to conceal the unintended changes, this is also a destructive process that potentially ruins the luminosity layer mask in case parts of it need to be revealed later on.

A better solution is to put the adjustment layer inside a group, and then paint on the group’s layer mask to reveal the desired parts of the adjustment in the image. Sean demonstrates this method using the new black-masked group layer option that was released in the most recent upgrade of the V5 panel. Masking-the-mask allows significant changes to certain elements in the image while also protecting other parts.

V5 Quick Tip #6: Masking A Mask
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