Complete Workflow: Northland−A new video series by Sean Bagshaw

I’m very excited to let readers know that Sean Bagshaw released a new start-to-finish workflow series. It features his recent “Northland” image from Lofoten, Norway, and I think it’s his best video series yet. It takes some flat, colorless RAW files and shows how they can be transformed into a photograph full of drama, light, texture, and contrast. The finished image is shown below. Roll the mouse over it to see how it looks without the Photoshop adjustments (might take a few seconds to load). The transformation is remarkable and is covered in detail in the new series.

The final image is beautiful and quite striking, but the actual steps to get there are surprisingly straightforward. Sean mentions in the first chapter that he obviously had to work through the various steps before recording the video, but he also details his creative vision for the image so viewers can understand how it informs the development process. This, along with his excellent teaching style, makes the videos very easy to follow and understand. The three RAW files used to create the image are included in the download folder so viewers can work along with Sean.

While the “Northland” video chapters provide an excellent demonstration of development technique, they’re not meant to be a how-to guide for TKActions. However, the TKActions V5/V6 panel is used throughout the series. Luminosity and other pixel-based masks have long been a component of Sean’s workflow, and, since I frequently collaborate with him, the panel has naturally evolved to support this high level of creativity. It’s instructive even for me to watch how Sean uses this tool to develop his images, often in ways I hadn’t considered before. There is a lot of functionality and possibility built into the panel, and Sean does a great job showing how to use the various options to enhance artistic expression.

I know Sean’s videos are a great benefit to many photographers, and I’m happy to recommend them and offer them on my Panels & Videos page. For the “Complete Workflow: Northland” video series, readers can get a 15% discount by entering the following code in the shopping cart: CWFN15 (this code also stacks with the quantity discounts listed on the page). I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching what he does here and will find many useful techniques to apply to your images.

Note to previous customers: A private discount code was emailed from my download server to you on October 3. Contact me if you didn’t receive it.

The first video below shows a time-lapse of the entire series and the second a segment demonstrating a customized Orton effect.

Please visit Sean’s YouTube channel for more videos.

One thought on “Complete Workflow: Northland−A new video series by Sean Bagshaw

  1. This video is magnificent and deserves its price. Sean is an excellent photographer and an excellent teacher. I’ll be waiting for new videos like this. the new module of the TK panel (Rapid Mask 2) is amazing! Congratulations to both.


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