Sneak peek: Luminosity Mask Masterclass

Sean Bagshaw finished his Luminosity Mask Masterclass video series and currently plans to release it in November, soon after he returns from taking pictures. This new course is a major update to his Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition series, currently on sale for $5 on the panels and videos page. That older series is now five-years-old, and pixel-based masks (like luminosity masks) have advanced considerably in that time. New masks, new methods, and a new TK7 panel are all available. I’ve been watching the new course and thoroughly enjoying it. It clocks in at nearly 5 hours and is packed with information. Fortunately, Sean has it organized in to compact chapters, so it’s possible to skip around and choose topics that interest you most, instead of watching it straight through. One of the chapters, with a brief introduction by Sean, is linked below.

Luminosity Mask Masterclass will provide a timely and comprehensive update on using multiple types of pixel-based masks, and I’m sure you’ll find it useful. More information coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Sneak peek: Luminosity Mask Masterclass

    1. This new course is different in many ways. For example, it’s not focused on making luminosity masks by hand given most people won’t be doing that anymore. Almost everyone now uses a panel, like TK7, to generate masks on the fly. It also isn’t just about luminosity masks, despite the title. Color masks play a much bigger role in the new series. There’s also more focus on new ways to use masks for things like noise reduction and clarity. The TK7 panel has also opened up a lot of functionality. As you see in the video, color channels are now much quicker to access and so can be part of the mask-selection process. Finally there’s a greater emphasis (four chapters) on exposure blending. While Sean does revisit some topics from the previous series for completeness, pixel-based masks can do a lot more now. The series tries to cover this larger universe of possibilities.


  1. Tony:
    Looking forward to the Masterclass. The TK panel and your and Sean’s videos have made a big difference to my post processing.


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