Sean Bagshaw on the PhotoPills channel

Sean Bagshaw appeared on the PhotoPills YouTube channel recently. He had a conversation with Rafael Pons from the PhotoPills team that covered Sean’s personal history, his approach to taking pictures, and then four image workflows where Sean demonstrated various ways he uses Photoshop and luminosity masks to develop images. It covers a lot of territory. The processing workflows start at 30 minutes in, but the initial conversation also provides valuable insight on how to create images that are personally satisfying. It’s interesting and fun to watch but maybe grab a bowl of popcorn first as the total runtime is a little over two hours. Also, be sure to check out the PhotoPills app. It’s a great way to plan landscape images that perfectly align with the sun, moon, and stars.

5 thoughts on “Sean Bagshaw on the PhotoPills channel

    1. Me too. Although, I also think that for Sean, the adventure is linked to his photographic vision and that we all have certain “triggers” that help us to see light better. The real adventure is maybe discovering where your vision lies.


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