TK7 Go Module: A video by Dave Kelly

“The Joy of Editing” is a YouTube channel run by Dave Kelly, and he recently uploaded a video featuring luminosity masks and the TK7 Go module. He explains the basic features of how to use it, and photographers familiar with the panel may already know some of what he demonstrates. However, he does make especially good use of the module’s Zone masks in this video. Zone masks were completely changed in the Go module compared to the Zone masks in the RapidMask module, and they’re possibly underutilized. Dave uses them as layer masks on Curves adjustment layers, but I also find them useful for burning and dodging after loading them as a selection. If you’ve not experimented the Zone masks in the Go module, hopefully seeing what Dave does in this video will provide some incentive and confidence to give them a try.

7 thoughts on “TK7 Go Module: A video by Dave Kelly

  1. David Kelly posts YouTube tutorials frequently, all excellent. Thank you for highlighting his TK7 tutorial, I hope your post encourages David Kelly to create more TK7 tutorials.
    I appreciate the way David not only shows you how he used the TK7 GO panel, he also shows you the tricks and tips on how you can take his starting point and experient to make the TK7 panel work with any image you start with,


  2. Thanks Tony. With every video I learn some new trick(s).

    A question – I noticed that the TK-7 buttons in the YouTube video are solid colours while mine on my PC are outlined. Is that an Apple vs PC thing. (Just curious.)

    Thanks again for a great editing tool!



    1. Cal-The solid buttons in the video are available to everyone. Just right click on a button to make it solid-colored. To remove the solid color, right-click the button again. Right-clicking is essentially a toggle switch that turns the solid color on and off.

      You can also right-click the menu items in the TK and User actions menu and assign them a color if you’d like.

      This color-tagging makes it easier to find the buttons and menu items you use most.


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