TK8 Update: Version 1.0.3 now available

Photoshop 2022 is scheduled to be released this week in conjunction with Adobe’s annual creativity summit known as Adobe MAX. Unfortunately, new versions of Photoshop can also introduce new bugs that can affect the app in different ways. This Adobe Tech Blog from mid-October indicates that Adobe is aware that Photoshop 2022 has the potential to create problems with UXP panels, like the recently released TK8 plugin. I’ve been monitoring the situation closely and testing with Photoshop (beta) to get a sense of how TK8 might be affected. NOTE: Photoshop (beta) is available to anyone via the Creative Cloud Desktop app and is already at version 23.0.0, which denotes Photoshop 2022. Overall, it looks like TK8 will still work in Photoshop 2022, though I have some concerns given the nature of the problem outlined in the article. The one interface issue I’ve noticed (that’s not addressed in the article), is that the mouse cursor sometimes doesn’t properly display the diagonal arrow when it’s moving over TK8 buttons. It might be a double-arrow grabber or even the current tool icon in Photoshop. Weird behavior, for sure, but relatively minor compared to the issues that were occurring in earlier versions of Photoshop (beta).

Based on the Adobe Tech Blog, I’ve made a number of changes to the code for the TK8 plugin to help insure there is less of a chance of serious problems when Photoshop 2022 becomes available. I hopefully even fixed the weird cursor issue as that was particularly annoying to me. As a result, there is a new version of TK8 available at the download serverā€”TK8 version 1.0.3. You can always tell which version of the plugin you have by looking at the bottom right of the Preferences interface, which is accessed by clicking the “TK” button on any module.

The new version of TK8 also fixes some typos and tooltip issues that were brought to my attention. There are no new features or functions. The new version is just an effort to correct problems expected when Adobe releases Photoshop 2022.


  • Update your TK8 plugin to TK8 version 1.0.3 by downloading again using your original download link. The download server has been sending out version 1.0.3 since yesterday (Saturday). Running the installers in a fresh download will overwrite the current version with version 1.0.3. Search your email for “” (the address used by the download server) or “Tony Kuyper” (if you purchased from my website) to find your original download link. NOTE: Using your original download link is the preferred method for updating.
  • If you can’t find your original download link, watch your email for how to get a new one on Monday, October 25. I’m planning to send a MailChimp campaign to TK8 plugin customers on that day, and it will include information for getting a new download link if you can’t find yours. So, please wait for that email instead of contacting me today.
  • Download and install TK8 version 1.0.3 even if you don’t plan to install Photoshop 2022 right away. TK8 version 1.0.3 works in Photoshop 2021 and corrects a few minor bugs. So it is fine to install it and update to Photoshop 2022 later. The old version of TK8 will also still probably work in Photoshop 2022 based on what I’m seeing in Photoshop (beta), but TK8 version 1.0.3 will work better, and I recommend installing it.
  • When you do update to Photoshop 2022, keep your eyes open for other problems. I hope I have corrected everything in TK8, but Photoshop updates are unpredictable. For example, there are reports of user-specific settings for plugins (like personal actions you’ve added to the Combo/Cx modules or color-tagged buttons or menu items) being lost when updating to a new version of Photoshop. So be aware that this may occur, although this is not something I can fix. Retaining your Photoshop 2021 preferences, if given the option when updating to Photoshop 2022, might help prevent losing the user-specific settings.

It’s unfortunate that Photoshop updates are sometimes accompanied by new bugs. Adobe actively monitors things and sends out fixes periodically between the yearly releases. Yes, it’s frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Software is complex, and it’s almost predictable that bugs will occur. The Adobe Tech Blog indicates that Adobe is working hard to correct the current problems. However, the UXP architecture is still evolving, so there may be additional surprises in the future. I’ll try to stay on top of things and issue updates to TK8 when necessary. Be sure to hold on to your download link as it will always allow you to get the latest version.

If there are additional issues uncovered when Photoshop 2022 is released, I’ll post information here. Also, if you notice any issues specific to TK8 when working with Photoshop 2022, please contact me so I can investigate.

Finally, I am a “silver” sponsor at this year’s Adobe MAX event. If you attend, please stop by and visit the “TK Luminosity Masks” sponsor site. There will be a video on using luminosity masks and special MAX discounts available for items on the Panels & Videos page.

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