Now Available: TK8 version 1.1.1

Over last few months I’ve continued to refine, fix, and update the TK8 plugin based on my experience using it as well as from feedback from other users. There are now enough changes and bug fixes to release an update to insure everyone using TK8 has access to the latest improvements. This update has been available at the download server since late in the day on January 6, 2022. So, if you’ve downloaded since then, you may already have TK8 version 1.1.1. You can always check your version of TK8 by clicking the “TK” button on any module to open the preferences and checking the lower right corner, which lists the version number.

This TK8 update is free to current TK8 customers. There are two ways to get it.

  1. The easiest and preferred method is to use your original download link. Search your email for “”. This is the download server’s email address. Once you find a match, make sure the email includes a download link for the TK8 plugin and then use the link to get a fresh download. Running the installers in a fresh download will overwrite your previous TK8 modules with the latest TK8 version 1.1.1 modules.
  2. Update emails have also been sent to all TK8 customers via a MailChimp campaign. This email will tell you how to get a new download link if you can’t find your original link or if your original download link has expired. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you need to find the email. It was sent to the email address you used to purchase TK8. NOTE: Sean Bagshaw, André Distel (Germany) and Roy Yuan (China) have their own lists and will be contact customers independently. Please be patient until you hear from them.

Photoshop and the Adobe’s architecture for plugins (UXP) continue to evolve. There will likely be additional TK8 updates in the future. Be sure to hold onto your download link. It will always provide the latest version of TK8.

Most of the changes in this update are on the back end to make the TK8 plugin function better. The one thing some users will notice is that the My Channels interface has a list of available channels instead of buttons for these channels. This allows for an unlimited number of channels to be displayed as a scrollable list in the My Channels interface and is no longer limited to just the nine buttons in the previous version.

While not complete, the list below details some of the other changes included in TK8 version 1.1.1:

  • Mask-painting buttons in the Multi-Mask module (White Brush/Black Mask and Black Brush/White Mask buttons) have a bug corrected that affected when the active layer’s visibility is toggled off.
  • Mask-painting buttons also now work correctly when the “Auto-Select Targeted Adjustment Tool” option is toggled on in the fly-out menu of the Properties panel.
  • Brush tool blend mode defaults to Normal when clicking any of the plugin’s Burn/Dodge buttons or the Paint Color button.
  • Corrected a problem causing the error message “The command delete is currently not available” to sometimes display when making luminosity masks on the Multi-Mask panel on some computers.
  • Mask Calculator keypad is managed better (temporarily turned off) in the My Channels and Edit Selection interfaces when using these sections as part of a mask calculation.
  • Added more descriptive messages as to why Select Sky and Select Subject buttons might not work i.e. the active layer’s visibility is toggled off or the active layer is a group layer.
  • Fixed the My Channels “Layer Mask” option so that it now creates the correct layer mask preview even if multiple layers have the same name.
  • Corrected a bug when switching between multiple Color Grading layers to readjust the color grade. The Multi-Mask module now properly reads the color grading of the chosen layer when clicking its color grading square on the color wheel.

Reading through this list I realize that some of these changes might not make a lot of sense, but they will make for a smoother functioning TK8 plugin, especially as you explore the more advanced features it has to offer. It’s also worth noting that Dave Kelly was helpful in uncovering about 75% of the items in this list. His TK Friday video series on YouTube tends to be a bit of a stress test for the TK8 plugin. As such, he unearths problems that would probably never surface in casual use. I’m impressed at Dave’s ability to not only detect problems, but to also figure out the Photoshop intricacies that contribute to them. This update owes a lot to his use and understanding of TK8, and his tenacity in bringing potential issues to my attention.

If you spot a problem with TK8, please be sure to contact me. If I can replicate the problem, there’s a decent chance I can adjust the code to fix it.

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