Coming Soon: Umpqua Autumn–Complete Workflow video by Sean Bagshaw

Sean Bagshaw is in the process of producing a new complete workflow demonstration video series. I’ve watched most of the chapters (looks like there will be around 15) and was thoroughly impressed. Not only is this a complete walk-through of the creative process, from in-the-field decision-making to fine-tuning with minor adjustments at the very end, but the series is full of new techniques that he’s not demonstrated before. It’s an excellent illustration of how a photographers work both with the scene and the image to achieve a creative and evocative final result.

This new video series features the TK8 plugin in a supporting role. Most of the techniques Sean demonstrates don’t require it, though it can simplify several of them. Some of the new features in TK8 are closely aligned with what Sean does in this video series, and that’s because he recommended adding these techniques to TK8 when it was being developed. And, not surprisingly, coming from Sean they’re really useful. I’m happy that they’re now part of the plugin.

Umpqua Autumn–Complete Workflow is scheduled to be released next Monday, January 31, and I’m once again pleased to be able to offer it on my website. During the launch period, which will last through the month of February, there will be a site-wide discount on all items. This includes the new video series, the TK8 plugin, and all of Sean’s other video courses. For previous customers, there will also be an additional discount on the new series via a special discount code that I’ll email when the series is released. Please be sure to wait for that code if you’re a previous customer or contact me if you don’t receive it by February 1. The video below is Sean’s brief introduction to this informative new course. You can see the image he’s working on and get a quick look at some of the techniques he’ll cover.

One thought on “Coming Soon: Umpqua Autumn–Complete Workflow video by Sean Bagshaw

  1. Great! Can’t wait for the new video series. For me TK 7 was that specific kick that got me to learn Photoshop. Big thanks to both of you! Best regards Cristian

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