TK8 version 1.1.3 is now available

A new version of the TK8 plugin (version 1.1.3) is now available at the download server. This is a free update for customers who currently have a license to use this software. To get this update, do ONE of the following two things.

1. Get a fresh download folder using your original download link. Search your email for “” (the download server) or “Tony Kuyper” to find your TK8 download link. Then use the download link in that email to get a fresh download folder.


2. Follow the procedure to generate a new download link in the email that was sent to TK8 customers on Friday, March 18.

There are installation directions in the download folder. It is NOT necessary to uninstall your previous version of TK8. Installing TK8 version 1.1.3 will overwrite any version currently installed.

Hold onto your email with the download link as that link will allow you to get future updates also.

Once you have installed the new version, click the “TK” button to open the preferences on each module and make sure you see “v 1.1.3” in the lower right corner.

This is an important update. Please install it. Some of the more significant changes are listed below.

  • Fixes a possible memory leak that can sometimes occur in version 1.1.1 and earlier.
  • Restores the visually mechanical look of the buttons when they are clicked.
  • In Edit Selection mode, after executing “Save Mask,” the “_TK_Edit_Selection” layer mask is selected again so additional selection editing can be done.
  • Outputting a mask created by the Multi-Mask module as a selection now selects the layer mask of the active layer (if one is present) as the painting canvas since painting on a layer mask through an active selection is a common way to use a mask selection.
  • Unlocking locked layers when the “Free Transform” button is clicked has been further refined.

Several other minor bugs and typos are also addressed in this update.

Photoshop 2021 or Photoshop 2022 is required to use this version of the TK8 plugin. Older versions of Photoshop do not support the UXP architecture used to code the plugin. The same version of TK8 works on both Windows and Mac, including Mac “M-chip” computers.

I hope you continue to find the TK8 plugin useful. Please contact me if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “TK8 version 1.1.3 is now available

    1. Richard–Thanks for catching that. Yes, the email was sent on March 18 and not March 11. I corrected that in the body of the article after receiving this comment. I uploaded TK8 v1.1.3 to the download server on March 11 to make sure it worked, and then contacted TK8 customers on March 18. I got my dates rearranged. Sorry about that.


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