Photoshop v 22.4.0: How it affects the TK panel

Adobe recently released a new version of Photoshop (version 22.4.0).  If you’ve not already installed it, it’s available in your Creative Cloud Desktop app.  Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly) the new version also brings some new bugs.  The TK7 panel and the TK8-beta plugin are affected to a degree.  I’ve fixed everything that I know about, so the TK modules work OK with the new version of Photoshop. 

Missing Docking Icons

NOTE: This problem was fixed with the release of Photoshop 22.4.2 on 8 June 2021.

This is only a problem on Windows 10 computers, not on Mac.  The docking icons for all CEP panels (like TK7) and all UXP panels (like TK8-beta and TK Luminosity Mask) are gone.  They’re completely blank as shown in the image below.  Some of Adobe’s own panels are also affected; Adobe Color Themes and the Adobe Plugins panel have also lost their icons.  Clicking the panel’s button in the panel dock still opens the corresponding panel, but there’s no way to know which button is associated with which panel.  This is especially problematic if you have a large number of third-party extensions on your panel dock.  It’s nearly impossible to keep track of more than just few panels when these icons are blank.

I’m pretty sure Adobe is aware of the situation, though it has not been acknowledged yet in any of the forums I follow.  If these docking icons are important to you, the only solution is to use the Creative Cloud Desktop app to uninstall Photoshop v22.4.0 and then backtrack to the previous version of Photoshop.  NOTE: I just installed Photoshop v22.4.1 released 19 May 2021 and it did NOT fix this issue with docking icons.

Fortunately, the TK modules are designed with a small footprint and are meant to stay open in the Photoshop workspace, and so these missing icons might not be an issue for most users.  Sean Bagshaw has an excellent video that demonstrates how to dock the TK modules so they can always be available and not intrude into the image area of Photoshop.  I’ve linked to it below.  In the arrangements he suggests, no docking icons are needed in order to access the panel’s features since the user interface or panel tab is continuously accessible.

TK8-beta update             

While I wasn’t planning to do additional versions of TK8-beta, Photoshop v22.4.0 has made a newer version necessary.  The UXP architecture at the heart of TK8-beta is still being built out, and there were several things that stopped working in the latest Photoshop release.  I’ve fixed everything in TK8-beta that has been brought to my attention and have uploaded the patches to the download folder.  If you’re using TK8-beta, please use your download link to grab the updated version.  You can use the download link specifically for the TK8-beta plugin or also the one for the “TK7 panel (updated).” Both have the TK8-beta plugin included in the download folder. You can usually find your download link simply by searching your email for “” as that’s the download server’s domain.  The download folder now contains the most recent version of everything.  For TK8-beta, double-clicking the .ccx files in the download folder initiates the installation process that overwrites your current modules with the new ones. Be sure to keep track of your download link. Additional fixes to TK8-beta may be necessary, and I’ll continue to update the download folder with the latest patches. If you have trouble locating your download link, please contact me.

TK Luminosity Mask plugin update

I decided to do an update on the free TK Luminosity Mask plugin available on the Adobe Marketplace (accessed via the Creative Cloud Desktop app) even though it was not affected by the new version of Photoshop.  If you have this panel installed, check the Creative Cloud Desktop app and look for the “Update” button.  Clicking it installs the new version (see image below).  NOTE:  If you don’t see the “Update” button, that probably means the update has already been installed.

Everything works the same in this new version of the plugin. I’ve just added a patch to restore the focus to Photoshop after clicking buttons on this plugin.  As such, keyboard shortcuts should work immediately after clicking buttons on the panel.  This patch is somewhat experimental.  I’ve not included it in TK8-beta yet.  I wanted to test it on the free TK Luminosity Mask panel first.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has tried the TK Luminosity Mask and TK8-beta plugins and for the feedback they’ve provided.  There’s no question that crowd-sourcing works when it comes to spotting problems and improving functionality.  It’s been very helpful to receive bug reports and feature requests.  The final version of TK8 will definitely be better because of the comments I’ve received on these early versions.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Photoshop v 22.4.0: How it affects the TK panel

  1. There was an answer this morning (CE time) by Jeffrey Tranberry “Engineering is looking into this”.
    They mentionned later that is referenced as ticket # ADB-19467850-L6P5.


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